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Download and Install Guide

Use one of these two methods to download and install AutoMobile 3.1 application:

  • Download AutoMobile from Internet to your computer and then install on the cell phone.
  • Download and install AutoMobile directly on the phone from Internet. This method requires that the phone has Internet connection and you may be charged by your phone company (there is no charge by this website).
How to download and install:
Symbian and Java phones (LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson)
BlackBerry phones

Windows Mobile, Android and iPhone platforms are not supported at the moment. To make sure the software installs on your phone, see the list of Supported Phones.

Symbian and Java phones

Download AutoMobile application files:

For most phones, only JAR application file is needed. Use both JAR and JAD only if your phone requires it.
or (both JAR and JAD files)

Transfer from the computer to the phone

The JAR application file AutoMobile3_1.jar must be stored on the computer. The JAR file should be transferred to the phone unchanged, including the file extension ".jar". If the extension is changed during the process of downloading, you should change it back to "AutoMobile3_1.jar".
The transfer to the cell phone is similar to transferring pictures or audio files. Some phones will recognize the AutoMobile3_1.jar file as an application and will try to install it automatically. If this doesn't happen, you should save the file on the phone and install it manually (highlight the file and click Install/Open).

Two recommended mothods to transfer AutoMobile3_1.jar are:
  1. Use phone-specific PC software provided by the phone manufacturer (download from the phone manufacturer's website). Usually, you use the USB cable or Bluetooth wireless connection to transfer the files from the computer to the cell phone.
  2. Use Bluetooth transfer. If your computer doesn't have an internal Bluetooth with drivers, you need a Bluetooth dongle plugged into USB and some software with drivers (for example BlueSoleil) that works with the dongle. This allows you to pair up the computer with the cell phone via Bluetooth. To initialize the transfer, use the Bluetooth software installed on the computer.
    For NOKIA and SONY ERICSSON phones, use Bluetooth File Transfer service to transfer files. On MOTOROLA phones, the Bluetooth File Transfer service is not available for the Java application JAR file (.jar), so instead, you have to use Bluetooth Object Push service to transfer the file.

BlackBerry phones

Download AutoMobile application files for BlackBerry:

or (both files)

Transfer from the computer to the phone

  1. Both AutoMobile application files, AutoMobile3_1.cod and AutoMobile3_1.alx should be stored in one folder on the computer. (NOTE: The file AutoMobile3_1.alx is used during the transfer, even though the application is actually contained in AutoMobile3_1.cod)
  2. Download and Install the BlackBerry Desktop software for PC or Desktop Manager from the BlackBerry website (search the site for Desktop Manager)
  3. The phone must be connected (through USB) to the computer. After you install and run the BlackBerry Desktop Manager, you will see an Application Loader icon.
  4. Use the Application Loader to install AutoMobile on the phone. When the Application Loader finds the phone, you add the AutoMobile application for loading by browsing to the folder where you keep both files AutoMobile3_1.cod and AutoMobile3_1.alx.
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